About DTU Corp

Duc Tu Trading Corporation (DTU Corp.) has been operating since September 2008, initially under the name Duc Tu Company Limited. We currently operate majorly in education: overseas education counseling, teaching English, teaching Maths in English, teaching life skill (I am unique program).

Slogan: For the future of the youths

Mission: Serve people, change lives; bring international education to people at the lowest fee

Goal: become the best customer service company in the field of abroad study counseling by the end of 2017

Vision: To become the leading company in Asia in these areas: overseas education counseling, training, and advertising

Core values: Creative – Dedicated – Reputable (Đột phá – Tận tình – Uy tín)

We operate with the aim of nurturing the youths by activities that contribute to fostering and training Vietnamese youths with necessary skills and knowledge, so that they can become comparable to or even better than their counterparts in developed countries.

We run English (IELTS), Maths in English (SAT), life skill training (“I am unique” course) including skills in study, work and life.

And, we are one of the most reputable overseas education counselling centres, known as DTU. We provide free consulting and full-package service on education in developed countries such as: Singapore, UK, the US, Australia, Canada, Switzerland…


Our members of Board of Directors have working experience in different types of companies from start-up, SME, to MNC; and cover a wide range of fields: Education, IT, Management, Construction, Publishing, Software, Game, Telecommunications, Marketing, Service…

We achieved international and national prizes such as: International Silver Medal, Asia Pacific Gold Medal, scholarship for bachelor and PhD degrees at top universities in the world, National first prize, Olympic gold medal, HCMC first prize. We have held top positions such as CEO, founder, Vice President of fast-growing and established companies in the US, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Nguyen Trung Tu
– Chairman, General Director, Co-founder of DTU Corp.
– Popular speaker, frequently featured on national channels
– Author of the book “I am unique”
– NTU (Singapore) graduate & scholar
Do Anh Duc
– Co-Founder of DTU Corp.
– Asia Pacific Gold Medal in Physics, Vietnam 1999
– National First Prize in Physics, Vietnam 1999
– NTU (Singapore) graduate & scholar, Master
Truong Liem
– Founder of HLC Corp.
– International Silver Medal in Biology, Belgium 2001
– National First Prize in Biology, Vietnam 2001
– Olympic Gold Medal in Biology, Vietnam 2000 and 2001
– HCMC First Prize in Biology, Vietnam 2000 and 2001
– Author of many well-known books, inclusive “I am unique”
– NTU (Singapore) scholar, drop-out
Vu Tuan
– Vice Director of An Phu Long Corp.
– University of Hawaii (US), MBA
– NTU (Singapore) graduate & scholar
Nguyen Dang Quang
– Co-founder of HLC Corp.
– Minnesota University (US) doctorate scholar
– SMU & NTU (Singapore) graduate & scholar, Master


• We have customers all over Vietnam:
o We having consulted 100,000 guests, consisting of parents and students
o There have been 10,000 students going study overseas based on the counseling of DTU
o There have been 1,000 students signing up with DTU’s services
• DTU Corp is licensed by Ministry of Education and Training, and qualified by ICEF as a professional and reputable study-abroad agency

• Two of our directors are the authors of the astounding book titled “I am unique: methods to learn well, work well and live well” which was published in 2011 in the whole nation. Reference: http://www.vinabook.com/toi-khac-biet-bi-quyet-hoc-gioi-lam-hay-song-tot-m11i44921.html
• Our General Director, Mr. Tommy Nguyen Trung Tu is a frequent speaker of many TV channels, especially the program “Knowledge and Life” on HTV7 every Friday. References: http://www.youtube.com/dtuvn ; http://www.youtube.com/tanbetien.
• We were established in Sep 2008 and have been accelerating fast in business size and scopes
• We have more than 800 worldwide partners
• We have more than 900 local partners
• We are managing a network of 200,000 prospects who are potential for overseas study.
• We were the top agent of ERC Institute, Singapore in 2013.
• We sponsored many local community/student events which were organized by Foreign Trade University, Kent College, Le Quy Don high school (Nha Trang), and most of the high schools in Ho Chi Minh city and surrounding provinces.
• We own 4 distinct and reputable brand names:

logoDTU tkb Logo FairCourse-01 OVSC

o DTU (www.dtu.com.vn) specialized in overseas education counselling, work and internship overseas with the core values: Creative – Dedicated – Reputable.
o Du Học Nhóm (www.duhocnhom.com) (study groupon) with the purpose of decreasing cost, increasing friends; our students are committed to reduce at least 10% of tuition fee without any obligations..
o Fair Course (www.faircourse.com) Provide the largest data in the world in term of gerneral information about school and course all over the world such as USA, Australia, UK, Singapore, Japan, Polland, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc…
o Tôi Khác Biệt (www.toikhacbiet.vn) ( I am unique) life skill training course which provides students unique skills to stuty well, work well, and live well has been widely recommended by students and parents around the country.

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For potential customers: For potential partners:
Email: info@dtu.com.vn Email: biz@dtu.com.vn
Hotline: 0933 855 931 – 0933 855 031 Tel: +84 8 6264 7510

Ho Chi Minh Headquarter: DTU Building, 158 Hồ Bá Kiện Street, Ward 15, District 10.

Representative offices: (kindly contact us before coming to our representative offices)

– HCM District 1: 10th floor, Miss Aodai building, 21 Nguyen Trung Ngan Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCM City, Vietnam

– Ha Noi: 30D Kim Ma Thuong Street, Cong Vi Ward, Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi City, Vietnam

Opening hours (GMT+7):

Mon – Fri: 8:30am – 5:30pm

Sat: 8:30am – 12:30pm